How It Works

When you sign up for a Magic Fragrance Box, every month you will receive a new magical fragrance. Each box features a 8oz candle, 4oz room spray, wax melt and a Magic Fragrance Box exclusive air freshener for your car. 

Step 1

Start your subscription 

Step 2

Receive a new fragrance box every month

Step 3

Smell the magic!


The most magical scents on earth

The Magic Candle Company provides fans with the most magical scents on earth. Get ready to smell the magic!

Start your box today!

Your Magic Fragrance Box will arrive at the beginning of every month. Each box comes with a new magical fragrance inspired by your favorite vacation destination which includes a 8oz candle, 4oz room spray, wax melt and air freshener.  Each air freshener comes with a string hanger for your car's rear view mirror. The complete subscription box is a $48.00 value for only $24.95 a month. Now you can fill your home, bathroom, car and work space with those magical smells we all know and love!